Livescan and Cardscan Requirements and Certification

The Interface Control Document (ICD) defines the requirements for all livescans and cardscans that will be used at law enforcement and civil government agencies to connect to the Mississippi Criminal History System (MCHS).  The tenprint and palm print scanners that are attached to the scanning stations must be certified by the FBI  When a vendor has compliant scanning station(s) software and certified scanner(s), the Criminal Information Center (CIC) will conduct certification tests.  First, the vendor must submit a request on company letterhead with a company official signature.  The certification is issued in the company's name.  Then, the vendor will submit Sample Transactions as described in the Sample Transactions document.  The vendor will then participate in on-site testing as described in the two Certification Test Procedures documents.  The last document in this group describes the errors that can appear in Reject Notices and Warning Notices that are described in the ICD.  The Instruction Guides for law enforcement and civil agencies, available by selecting the Instruction Guides for Livescan and Cardscan Operators and for Preparers of Tenprint Cards hyperlink, coincide with the requirements in the ICD.

The following documents are for the previous ICD version 5.02 for current installations only.  No additional certifications will be done for version 5.02.