Law Enforcement Officers' Training Academy

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The Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy (MLEOTA) is the largest law enforcement training facility in the State of Mississippi.  Basic and Advanced Training Classes are provided to state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies. In-service training is also provided to state law enforcement agencies.  MLEOTA provides meals and housing for students attending training programs.  The academy has a well trained staff of professional instructors who are proficient in all aspects of law enforcement.


3791 Highway 468 West
Pearl, Mississippi 39208


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Pursuant to Section 45-5-1, MS Code of 1972 the mission of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy (MLEOTA) is to protect the domestic tranquility and the public safety of the people of Mississippi by sufficiently training law enforcement officers on the state and local levels.  By ensuring a documented, well trained law enforcement community, the citizens of the state of Mississippi will have their safety, morals and general welfare protected.


The objective of MLEOTA is to give Mississippi law enforcement officers the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally perform the duties demanded by today’s society.  Law enforcement officers must be able to lawfully arrest and present evidence to assist in the successful prosecution of criminals.  To accomplish these tasks, officers must have the skills to protect themselves and be able to collect evidence, conduct criminal investigations and write accurate reports.  MLEOTA teaches students the skills necessary to accomplish these objectives.