CIP – Certified Investigator Program

CIP - Certified Investigator Program

The purpose of this training program is to afford those in the criminal justice system the information necessary to be effective in identifying those responsible for criminal activity and collecting the evidence to obtain a conviction. Until now, our state, like most other states, did not have an established curriculum to provide investigators with the overall skills to do their job in the best way possible.

This course consists of 320 hours of classroom material in 8 separate sessions, one week each for eight months. This format was devised so that departments would have their investigators absent from their duty posts for a reasonable period throughout the year while completing the program. Planning is underway to offer additional specialized training to address specific criminal problems that graduates of this program have identified within their jurisdiction.

It is envisioned that this course will be a continual work in progress by constantly changing for the better as new technologies and techniques are developed. This is an opportunity for Mississippi to take a leadership role in developing the law enforcement profession and become a model for other states to adapt.

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