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Sole Source Life Technology HID QS5 Quantitation System

Sole Source Ultra Forensic Technology Integrated Ballistic System

Sole Source 3150005122 SNA International LLC

IFB 3160006165 SNP Profile and Laboratory Operations Development

Sole Source 3150005212 Qiagen QIAcube Connect

Sole Source 3150005204 Randox

Sole Source 3150005203 Qiagen EZ2 Connect FX

IFB 3140003582 Full Size Door Crew Cab Truck

 RFQ 3140003590 Chevrolet Tahoe

IFB 3160006113 Customized Testing and Reporting Services

RFQ 3140003546 Mid- Size Sport Special Services Rated Sport Utility Vehicles

Sole Source 3150005147 CMI Inc Intoxilyzer 9000

RFQ 3140003551 Mid Size Pursuit Rated Sport Utility Vehicles

Sole Source Intelligent Imaging System 3150005083

Sole Source Life Technologies 3150005016

Sole Source Qiagen 3150005015

RFQF 3140003471 QIAcudeHT/ QIAtractor, Service Agreement, Installation,Training, and Consumables

IFB 3160005778 Merit Promotion Process

IFB 3140003435 Windham Weaponry 223 Caliber Rifle

IFB 3160005761 Men&Women Long and Short sleeve shirt Men&Women Trousers

Sole Source Randox 3150004850

IFB3160005741 MHP Uniforms

IFB 3140003418 Glock 17 Gen 5 9MM

IFB 3140003410 Glock 34 Gen5 MOS

IFB 3160005701 Janitorial Services

IFB 3160005691 Lawn Care Services

IFB 3160005674 Taser Electrical Weapon and Accessories

Sole Source Agilent 3150004777

IFB 3160005643 Men & Women Long/Short Sleeve Shirts and Trousers

Sole Source Agilent 3150004712 Re-Bid