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Sole Source Life Technologies 3150005016

Sole Source Qiagen 3150005015

RFQF 3140003471 QIAcudeHT/ QIAtractor, Service Agreement, Installation,Training, and Consumables

IFB 3160005778 Merit Promotion Process

IFB 3140003435 Windham Weaponry 223 Caliber Rifle

IFB 3160005761 Men&Women Long and Short sleeve shirt Men&Women Trousers

Sole Source Randox 3150004850

IFB3160005741 MHP Uniforms

IFB 3140003418 Glock 17 Gen 5 9MM

IFB 3140003410 Glock 34 Gen5 MOS

IFB 3160005701 Janitorial Services

IFB 3160005691 Lawn Care Services

IFB 3160005674 Taser Electrical Weapon and Accessories

Sole Source Agilent 3150004777

IFB 3160005643 Men & Women Long/Short Sleeve Shirts and Trousers

Sole Source Agilent 3150004712 Re-Bid

IFB 3160005578 KA-Band Radars

Sole Source CMI 3150004642

IFB 3140003231 DEL Medical OTC 18M Radiographic System

Sole Source Bode DNA Collection Kits Convicted Felons 3150004578

Sole Source Arrestee Bode DNA Collection Kits 3150004579

Sole Source Bode Blue Archival Cassette & Envelope 3150004576

RFP 3160005400 Lease for Capitol Police Downtown Jackson

RFP 3160005389 Lease for Capitol Police Fondren

Sole Source Randox Elisa Biochip Analyzer Kit 3150004544

Firearms and ToolMarks Comparison Microscope RFQ 3140003186

Sole Source Agilent 3150004513

Sole Source Qiagen EZ2 Connect 3150004413

Sole Source Intelligent Imaging 3150004396

Sole Source Qiagen 3150004333

Sole Source Life Technologies 3150004335

Notice of Intent to Award IFB 31600004829

Response to Question and Answer 2 for IFB 3160004829

Response to Question and Answers for IFB 3160004829

Amendment2 to IFB 3160004829

Amendment1  to RFX 3160004829 language

IFB 3160004829 Janitorial Services, MSFL Pearl, MS

Sole Source CMI 3150003905

Sole Source Bode Convicted Felon 3150003906

Sole Source Bode Arrestee Kit 3150003904

Sole Source Bode Archival Cassette & Envelope 3150003903

Sole Source Intelligent Imaging 3150003884 

Randox Sole Source 3150003860

Cancellation of IFB 3140002770 Sport Utility Vehicle

IFB 3140002770 Sport Utility Vehicle

Sole Source Randox 3150003742

Sole Source Life Technologies 3150003740

Sole Source Qiagen 3150003720

IFB 3140002721 Amendment Purchase new 4 Sport Utility Vehicles

IFB 3140002721 Purchase new 4 Sport Utility Vehicles

IFB 3160004355 Lease Pike Co., McComb MS

Agilent Sole Source 3160003656

Metal Detectors 2nd Question and Answer RFQF 3140002684

Metal Detectors Questions & Answers RFQF 3140002684

Metal Detectors RFQF 3140002684

Cancellation of IFB 3140002659

Questions and Answers two 3140002659

Amendment 2 3140002659

Amendment 1 3140002659

Questions and Answers 3140002659 Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors

RFQF 3140002659 Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors

Notice of Intent to Award Forensics Testing 3160004232

Corrected IFB 3160004232 Forensic Testing Q & A

IFB 3160004232 Forensic Testing Question & Answers

IFB 3160004232 Forensics Testing 

Notice of Intent to Award 3160004141 Calibration of Instruments

IFB 3150003449 AB Sciex Sole Source

Intent to Award 3300000730

Amendment 1 RFQF 3140002598 

RFQF 3140002598 Federal Signal Light Bar Valor - Low Profile Non-Linear Light Bars 

IFB 3160004141 Calibration of Instruments

Notice of Intent to Award IFB 3160004131 Third Party Claims Administration (TCPA)

IFB 3160004131 Third Party Claims Administration (TCPA)

Notice of Intent to Award IFB 3160004055