Crime Stoppers

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To report information, please call:

1-888-8CRIMES  (1-888-827-4637)

The Crime Stoppers program is a proven resource that incorporates the community and media throughout the state in helping law enforcement solve crimes. It provides anonymity to citizens who call the tip-line with information regarding crimes, and it saves law enforcement agencies hundreds of investigative man hours in solving crimes.  The Division meets regularly with local County Boards of Supervisors, Boards of Aldermen and the City Councils to present Mississippi Code § 45-39-17, which is the assessment that funds all local programs in the state.

The Executive Director performs periodic speaking engagements for various programs, law enforcement agencies, school districts and club-based organizations to discuss the Mississippi Crime Stoppers program and what Crime Stoppers can do for a community.


Crime Stoppers Division
Mississippi Department of Public Safety
3891 Highway 498Q
Pearl, MS 39208


Post Office Box 958
Jackson, MS 39305-0958

(601) 933-2637


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The mission of the Crime Stoppers Division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety is pursuant to Mississippi Code § 45-39-1 through § 45-39-13, to help local law enforcement agencies across the state deter and solve crimes through the creation of local Crime Stoppers programs. 




Local Crime Stoppers programs are established and operated as not for profit organizations and are managed by a volunteer board of directors whose responsibilities include fund raising and paying rewards to individuals who anonymously call in information that helps solve crimes in their local communities. Currently, there are 33 active local Crime Stoppers programs across the state. The determent of crime is a statewide concern and utilizing cost effective tools like the community Crime Stoppers programs are very helpful to law enforcement agencies.