Basic Law Enforcement Training Class

Basic training is aimed at teaching the individual student how to do the job of a law enforcement officer in a safe, effective manner.  The Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy provides training and facilities to state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies across Mississippi. The Basic Law Enforcement Training Class incorporates the largest span of MLEOTA’s mission relating to the training of law enforcement officers. 

It is essential to prepare individuals who serve their fellow citizens in the critical role of law enforcement training. Basic law enforcement training must accomplish several things for each individual student. Students will become proficient in the following objectives of each Basic Training Class:

  • Learning basic police skills and knowledge
  • Applying the learned skills and knowledge in a controlled training environment 
  • Learning self-discipline and how to follow society’s rules
  • Learning to inculcate ethical standards, particularly the law enforcement code of ethics
  • Learning how to relate to peers, superiors, and the public

Application Packet Basic Class #272.pdf

MLEOTA Basic Class Student Handbook 4.1.22.pdf

Basic Class