The Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy (MLEOTA) is located on 243 acres in Rankin County, 10 miles outside of Jackson near the Mississippi State Hospital and the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility. The mission of the academy is to enhance public safety in Mississippi by providing professional law enforcement training to state, county, and local law enforcement agencies.

Since 1967, MLEOTA has worked diligently to meet the state's law enforcement community's training needs. MLEOTA has gained a reputation for quality programs in almost every field of law enforcement training.

Patriotism and loyalty to the country are fundamental aspects of training at MLEOTA. In addition, the Academy is very proud of its excellent facilities:

Firearm Training

MLEOTA boasts one of the most comprehensive firearms training facilities in the South, consisting of 2 standard ranges, a short range, a shoot house, a skeet range, a 600-meter rifle range, and classroom facilities.

Classroom Instruction

The Academy classroom facilities foster a comfortable adult learning environment. The Academy’s outstanding reputation is due in part to an excellent full-time staff with years of collective experience. In addition to the full-time staff, MLEOTA utilizes guest instructors from across the state with backgrounds as diverse as the field of law enforcement itself.

Basic Law Enforcement Training

MLEOTA offers four basic 480-hour courses per year. MLEOTA has several full-time staff members who work diligently daily to ensure new Mississippi officers get quality instruction, enabling them to return to their departments and start their careers. MLEOTA partners with adjunct instructors from several local, state, and federal agencies to accomplish the mission.

Advanced Law Enforcement Training

MLEOTA offers several advanced classes throughout the year. We host courses such as Leadership, SFST, Accident Reconstruction, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Drone Operations, Advanced Investigations, Narcotics Investigations, De-Escalation, Tactics, and several more.

Hotel and Meal Accommodations

Hotel facilities and meals are available to students who require residency during in-service and advanced training courses.