Crime Scene Unit

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Scene Unit has three units operating out of Batesville, Jackson and Biloxi covering major crime scenes occurring throughout the state.  The Crime Scene Unit has been under the direction of MBI since 2005.  Major responsibilities include responding to crime scenes and documenting, locating, and collecting items of physical evidence that may prove or disprove facts in a case, establishing the events of a case, and possibly linking victims and/or suspects to a crime scene.

Additional duties of the Crime Scene Unit include, but are not limited to, photographing the scene, note taking, measuring and sketching the scene, dusting various items for latent prints, locating and collecting serological evidence (blood, semen, skin cells, and salvia), locating and collecting impression evidence (footwear, tire, and tool marks), locating and collecting trace evidence (hairs, fibers, paint, etc.), utilizing trajectory rods to assist in locating projectile and determining their direction.  This unit is also responsible for case preparation for depositions and court by providing written reports, providing expert testimony in courts of law, and providing crime scene examination instructions to law enforcement agencies upon request.