COVID-19 Safety Protocol



Effective May 2020


The Mississippi Department of Public Safety continues to assist in containing the spread of COVID-19 while carrying out the agency’s mission of service while ensuring the safety of the public. As a result, the following safety protocols shall be employed by MBI Salvage Inspection until further notice:


  • MBI Agents will schedule each appointment for thirty (30) minute intervals so only one customer is being served at a time.
  • MBI Agents shall wear protective gear prior to maintaining contact with the customer.
  • Customers shall always remain in their vehicles.
  • Each customer will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. If a customer does not have a mask, an MBI Agent shall provide the customer with a mask.
  • MBI Agents are responsible for maintaining a supply of hand sanitizer and protective gear.
  • Upon the MBI Agent receiving the Salvage Inspection paperwork, the Agent will decontaminate the paperwork prior to entering the building.
  • Upon the MBI Agent physically inspecting the vehicle, the customer will turn the ignition off in order for the agent to observe the air bag sensor.
  • Each MBI Agent must wash hands promptly for twenty (20) seconds after coming in contact with a customer.