Law Enforcement Liaison Program (LELP)

The MOHS has had law enforcement liaisons (LEL) in place for many years. The Law Enforcement Liaison Program (LELP) encourages law enforcement officers and their leaders to support the enforcement of traffic safety laws, particularly those dealing with impaired driving, occupant protection, distracted driving, and speed management.  LEL activities include collaboration with other highway safety partners and stakeholders are also encouraged.

 The LEL’s are involved in the following strategies:

  • Meet quarterly to receive information to disseminate among all law enforcement agencies and community partners in the assigned troop district.
  • Support additional assigned activities, tasks or directives initiated by MOHS and NHTSA.
  • Attend national, state, and regional LEL and other traffic safety program meetings, as directed by MOHS
  • Track contacts with the LEL activity, report, share information and needs with MOHS.
  • Conduct at least one site visit per quarter with assigned sub-grantees in their troop district to assist with applications, grant documentation, mini grants and/or planning grant activities.
  • Support agencies when needed on proper completion of required documentation.
  • Assist law enforcement agencies as needed to insure their participating and reporting of enforcement results and activities.
  • Increase the participation in respective troop district to ensure connectivity with all agencies. 
  • Manage media contacts in each district to assist the MOHS coordinating media events.
  • Generate earn media with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Schedule, coordinate and attend LEL network meetings and disseminate current trending information and updates to attending officers and community partners.
  • Coordinate with agencies throughout the year reviewing quarterly activities but most importantly during grant writing and implementation to adjust as needed to the latest data received.
  • Meet with agencies to improve their ability to plan and execute enforcement based on a data-driven approach of knowing where and when motor vehicles crashes and fatalities occur.
  • Participate, contributes and support media events and press conferences, Hands across the Border and other designated events.
  • Support in organizing and conducting law enforcement-related events related to crackdowns and mobilizations at the State or local level and other events as needed.
  • Attend Strategic Planning Meetings to share and coordinate upcoming activities.

Current Law Enforcement Liaison Coordinators:

Mississippi Office of Highway Safety-State LEL Coordinator
Tim Wilkinson
1025 Northpark Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157
(601) 977-3762

LEL Network Coordinator
Mark Morgan
Hinds County Sheriff’s Dept. 
499 Presidential St. 
Jackson, MS 39205 
601-974-2900 (office)

LEL Network Coordinator
David Layton
Greenwood Police Department 
406 Main Street
Greenwood, MS 38930 

LEL Network Coordinator
Joel Spellins 
Sherman Police Department 
P.O. Box 397
Sherman, MS 38869 
662-840-0079 (office)