Mississippi Office of Highway Safety

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The Mississippi Office of Highway Safety (MOHS) administers Mississippi’s highway safety grant program in accordance with the provisions and all amendments of the federal Highway Safety Act of 1966.  The MOHS takes the responsibility of saving lives very seriously.  This division administers federally-funded programs aimed at reducing traffic fatalities, traffic injuries and the associated economic losses from property damage crashes in the state. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) serves as the Federal oversight agency.  The funds awarded to the MOHS include:

  • Section 402-General Traffic Safety
  • Section 154-Open Container Funds
  • Section 405b-Occupant Protection Funds
  • Section 405c-Traffic Records Funds
  • Section 405d-Impaired Driving Funds

These funds support the Mississippi Highway Safety programs for Impaired Driving, Occupant Protection, Child Passenger Restraint, Police Traffic Services, Public Information & Education, Traffic Records, Driver’s Education, Paid Media, Motorcycle, Youth and Planning and Administration.

The Mississippi Office of Highway Safety remains committed to serving the state through best practices, data driven approaches and evidenced based programs to continue the successes of the MOHS program.  The division’s support of law enforcement agencies, non-profit partners, and state and local partners will continue to grow while meeting joint goals of reducing fatalities, decreasing injuries and crashes on Mississippi roadways.


Mississippi Office of Highway Safety
152 Watford Parkway Drive
Canton, MS 39046

(601)-391-4900 - Office