NIC - Narcotics Investigation Certification

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NIC - Narcotics Investigators Certification

The purpose of the NIC program is to teach narcotics investigators a proven method of investigative skills to use in multiple areas of drug enforcement and to enhance the participant's ability to effectively investigate the illegal use and distribution of narcotics. It will also ensure the investigator knows how to document all case evidence for proper prosecution such as seizure notices, secondary search warrants on recovered items, prosecution packets, and report writing. Until now, our state, like most other states, did not have an established curriculum to provide narcotics investigators with the overall skills to do their jobs in the best way possible.

The course consists of 5 one-week sessions, provided over 5 months for a total of 200 hours of training. This format was devised so departments would only have their investigators absent from their duty posts for a reasonable period throughout the year while completing the program. The format is also used so that investigators will not be in “Information Overload” but instead will be able to apply the information learned from the class before they return for a new session. To enhance information retention, this program requires that investigators participate in multiple practical exercises during the course and demonstrate they are applying learned techniques in the field during off weeks. Planning is underway to offer additional specialized training to address specific investigative problems as the narcotics world is continually evolving.

This course was created using a continual evolution design, allowing for real-time change and adaptation as new technologies and techniques are developed. This an opportunity for Mississippi to conduct narcotics investigations in a format that can be prosecuted at the local, multi-jurisdictional, state, and federal levels with a seamless transition between these different jurisdictions. This NIC Program will allow Mississippi to take a leadership role in developing a proactive approach to investigating and prosecuting the distribution of dangerous drugs.

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