Basic Class #272

Date(s) September 4, 2023 - November 16, 2023 (480 hours)

All Day

Tuition: $4,000.00 




3791 Hwy 468 W

Pearl, MS  39208


MLEOTA’s Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training consists of an eleven (11) week course of instruction offered to new full-time, sworn officers of municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

According to the Mississippi Minimum Standards Training Act, the courses offered are a well-rounded program of instruction in practical police knowledge. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will have received training in a wide range of law enforcement programs. Each student will receive an opportunity to certify in many basic police skills such as firearms, defensive driving. Qualified staff members and associate instructors from local, state, and federal agencies teach classes in their areas of expertise. Students may receive college credit upon successful completion of the eleven (11) week basic training.

The curriculum is challenging; the purpose being to make each student aware of his or her individual abilities and to teach the student how to work with other officers to achieve specific training goals. MLEOTA stresses cleanliness, neat appearance, courtesy, cooperation, and responsible actions in a disciplined atmosphere. Dress codes in the applications are mailed for each designated school.

The applicant must begin preparing mentally for a challenging academic program consisting of ten weekly tests and a final exam. The applicants should prepare physically for a demanding physical conditioning and defensive tactics training program. History has shown that students who have poor reading and writing skills and students who are more than 20 pounds overweight have great difficulty in this program unless they begin early to prepare themselves. BLEOST requires basic students pass academics, driving, firearms, physical training, and defensive tactics.

Application Packet Basic Class #272.pdf

MLEOTA Basic Class Student Handbook 4.1.22.pdf


Pre-Entry PT Test - Tuesday, August 8, 2023, at 9:00 AM (MLEOTA Gym)  

Recruit(s) must bring or have application with their physical submitted to MLEOTA to participate in Pre-Entry PT Test.

Recruit(s) must have application and physical submitted before being allowed to participate in the Pre-Entry PT Test.

Application deadline for Basic Class #272 - Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.

Basic Class Begins - Monday, September 4th, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. - Report to MLEOTA Gym.

Please mail complete application and supporting documents to:

MLEOTA - Attn:  Barbara Loyd
3791 Hwy 468 W
Pearl, MS 39208

If you cannot submit your application by the August 31, 2023, deadline, then plan to bring it with you on the day of the physical fitness test.

Officer(s) must report to the Academy on Monday, September 4, 2023, by 8:00 a.m. IN THE GYM be prepared to do the Pre-entrance P.T. exam.  OFFICERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REPORTING IN THEIR OWN PERSONAL P.T. GEAR. THE ACADEMY WILL NOT PROVIDE P.T. GEAR FOR THE TEST ON THAT FIRST DAY.

For cancellations, please call (601) 933-2101 or email Barbara Loyd at 

Please be sure of the following: (return as soon as possible)

  • Return original and 1 copy of the application (pages 1-9) – no lab reports or extra medical forms
  • Return 2 copies of proof of high school education & Criminal History NCIC report
  • Make sure Application and Medical Forms are completed in full
  • Make sure results of EKG are included
  • Photo of officer
  • Copies of CPR and First Aid Cards – send with application


Basic Refresher Class 2023 will run concurrently with Basic Class #272

The cost is $1,500.00 per officer for Basic Refresher and it consists of 200 hours of training.

Basic Refresher Students must pass the PT test at 50% to graduate.

The Basic Refresher application is the same as the Basic Application and should be submitted NLT August 31, 2023.

Specify by writing "Basic Refresher" on Application

A Basic Refresher schedule will be issued at the start of Basic Class #272 on September 4, 2023, at MLEOTA.

Please mail complete Basic Refresher application (pages 1-9) and supporting documents to:

MLEOTA - Attn: Captain Chad Arthur
3791 Hwy 468 W
Pearl, MS 39208

Contact for Basic Refresher:

Captain Chad Arthur



Phone: 601-933-2125