Implied Consent

The focus of the Implied Consent Section is to provide their customers (Mississippi law enforcement agencies and Mississippi courts) with an evidential breath alcohol testing program. The services offered are the installation of breath alcohol testing instruments to law enforcement agencies across the state of Mississippi as well as the maintenance, repair, calibration and certification of these instruments. There are approximately 250 different locations across the state. The Implied Consent section provides training and certification to the law enforcement for the operation of the breath alcohol testing instruments. The Implied Consent section also provides records and expert witness testimony when required by the courts.

Because of the commitment by the Implied Consent section to the state’s alcohol breath testing, law enforcement has completed approximately 11,000 evidential breath tests in the last year. The section maintains the operator certification records and issues Intoxilyzer 8000 operator cards for approximately 3000 to 4000 law enforcement personnel.

Another focus of the Implied Consent section is the promulgation of the rules and regulations for the Ignition Interlock Device program. The services offered are the certification of Ignition Interlock Device’s, vendors and locations that provide Ignition Interlock Device service in the state of Mississippi. At this time there are 3 approved vendors in the state with over 30 locations providing service across the state.

The IC Section has divisions in 3 of the laboratories within the state. There are 3 Forensic Scientists at the Pearl Laboratory, 2 Forensic Scientist at the Batesville Laboratory, and 1 Forensic Scientist at the Gulf Coast Laboratory. By having Scientist in these laboratories it helps the section be able to service the instruments that are located relatively close to each of these laboratories in a timely manner.



Batesville Laboratory                                     

Phone: 662-563-6435                                    

Fax: 662-563-6435     


Pearl Laboratory                                                    

Phone: 601-420-9000                                    

Fax: 601-420-9189                                       


Gulf Coast Laboratory  

Phone: 228-396-7750   

Fax: 228-396-7782            


Section Chief – Wendy Hathcock