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Bureau of Investigation

AFIS Division

Where can I go to find instructions on how to complete the Mississippi Criminal Arrest Card?

We will soon be providing instructions online, but in the meantime, you will need to contact the AFIS section during normal business hours at 601-933-2600 or submit an email request to

How do I get latent fingerprints from a crime scene searched in AFIS?

You must submit the latent fingerprints to the Mississippi Crime Laboratory’s Latent Fingerprint Section just as you would any other piece of fingerprint evidence and request an AFIS search.

Can I fax a fingerprint card to be searched in AFIS?

You may fax fingerprint images to 601-933-2676, but please keep in mind that a fax machine will greatly reduce the image quality of the fingerprints, thus causing a delay in the search time and a significant lowering of the identification percentage.

How do I get an updated list of the state statutes so that I can correctly complete the “charge” section of the Mississippi Criminal Arrest Card?

You may access the Statutes List (both alphabetically and numerically) from this website by clicking on the “Manuals” button on the left, or you may call the AFIS section during normal business hours at 1-800-594-3997 or you may email your request to



A LIVESCAN is a computer system that digitally captures fingerprint images and information about the person being printed and then electronically transmits that data to a law enforcement repository for identification purposes.

How does a LIVESCAN system connect to the Criminal Information Center (CIC)?

Most state law enforcement sites that submit arrest fingerprint cards, do so by connecting their LIVESCAN system to their existing NCIC router. Some state agencies submit fingerprint cards by using the ITS network and some sites purchase a separate circuit from AT&T. The CIC does not charge a connection fee.

What is the advantage of using a LIVESCAN system instead of manually capturing the fingerprint images using ink and paper cards?

The main advantage is speed. With electronic transmission, the turnaround time for receiving the State and FBI rap sheet responses is less than 3 hours. Other advantages are quality of prints (the LIVESCANs contain software that helps ensure the quality of the captured fingerprint images) and an overall cleaner, paperless process.

What is the difference between LIVESCAN and AFIS?

A LIVESCAN is the computer system that electronically captures and transmits the fingerprint images and data to an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The AFIS is a database that houses numerous arrest fingerprint images which can be searched against to determine a person’s identity and any previous arrest record.

How many LIVESCANs are currently operating in the state?

There are currently over 250 LIVESCAN systems being used by various police departments and sheriff’s offices throughout the state.

How much does a LIVESCAN system cost?

The cost of a LIVESCAN system varies depending on the vendor make and model. Most systems fall somewhere in the range of $15,000 – $56,000. There are law enforcement grant programs that can help defer some of the cost of purchasing a LIVESCAN system. For more information on these grant programs, please contact the AFIS Division at 601-933-2600 or refer to the Public Safety Planning division that is accessible from the Home Page (click on Justice Programs.)