BETST Reimbursement Rules

BETST Reimbursement Policy

The BETST is authorized to reimburse all expenses associated with the successful completion of approved training, but only from funds appropriated by the Legislature. Reimbursement is available exclusively to agencies and subdivisions of the state that comply with all provisions of the law, including policies and procedures established by the BETST.

Reimbursement Details:

  • Elective Training: Reimbursement for elective training covers the same expenses as initial certification.
  • First-Come, First-Served Basis: Reimbursement requests are processed based on the date of the request.
  • Training Distance: Training conducted over 150 miles from the agency requires prior written approval from BETST for reimbursement of all eligible expenses. A written justification must be provided for approval to be considered.
    • If an agency sends a telecommunicator to a training course over 150 miles away without prior written approval, only the tuition will be reimbursed.

Expense Reimbursement Requirements:

  • Itemized Meal Receipts: Must be date and time-stamped and not exceed the state daily rate.
  • Mileage Reimbursement: Covers one vehicle for up to four students.
  • Hotel Rates: Must adhere to state rate guidelines.
    • The night before training is not eligible for reimbursement without prior approval.
    • The night after training is not eligible for reimbursement.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Due to the numerous reimbursement guidelines that vary based on your certification status, please contact your Program Specialist directly to ensure there are no delays or errors in submission or processing.

Hosting Training:

  • If an agency has telecommunicators needing initial certification training or elective training and wishes to host the training, notify the relevant Program Specialist about the courses needed.

Reimbursement policies and procedures are subject to change, and you should always contact your Program Specialist for questions or concerns. For further details or specific inquiries, please refer to BETST policies or contact BETST directly.