Matthew Lott, Director of Commercial Transportation Enforcement Division


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lott is the first appointed director to serve in the newly developed division of DPS.

Matthew Lott began his law enforcement career at the Mississippi Highway Patrol as a dispatcher at 18.  He then transitioned to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy, where he was also on the SWAT team.

Lott served as a full-time law enforcement officer of the Mississippi Department of Transportation Enforcement Division.  He began at the inspection station in Kewanee, MS, enforcing the state’s law about commercial motor vehicles.  In this role, Lott gained a deep understanding of the state’s tax laws, weight laws, and North American Standard vehicle inspections.

Lott also served with the K-9 unit on the MDOT Drug Interdiction Team.  In 2010 Lott was promoted to Captain, supervising the inspection stations and portable operations for nine Mississippi Counties that made up N district.

After a long and decorated career in state government, Matt Lott transitioned to the private sector as a compliance specialist for Transportation Compliance Service USA.  In this position, he helped trucking companies comply with safety and compliance laws.  He also helped motor carriers operate successfully and legally.